Who is keri russell dating

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The two play a married couple onscreen, and not just any old married couple — they're Russian spies in Cold War-era Washington.In a recent interview with they confessed that they rather enjoy working together, thank you very much.Game of Thrones may recognize him as Jaime Lannister, but Nikolaj is more than just the face of one of TV's most conflicted characters - he's now the face of L' Oreal's male skincare line, Men Expert.The 41-year-old actors dated when they starred on the teen drama series “Felicity,” which ran from 1998 until 2002."I was like, 'C'mon man, you've got to bring it home, you've got to do it.' I got to work and she turned around the corner and my face sort of froze in a half-panic, half-smile.I just did not pull it off." Not to worry — even Russell now calls it her "Chia Pet" 'do.Matthew noted that their meeting was “very romantic,” but the actress had quite a different memory – or lack thereof.

"I very drunkenly asked her for her number when she was a young, single, slip of a thing, so I sort of knew then when I was 26." TAP TO VIEW GALLERYKeri and Matthew met long before being cast in FX's Their chance encounter all started when Keri asked him to open a can of beer for her at a friend’s kickball party., welcomed Sam, their first child together, last May.During the interview, Rhys recounted a recent incident in which the 9-month-old had a cold."But it grew into something great, and we all recovered from it," he assured.As for him being a "disaster of a boyfriend" back in the day Russell didn't exactly disagree.

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