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For Safari on Mac OS, see Enable Flash Player for Safari.

For Google Chrome, see Enable Flash Player for Chrome. You don’t know where the Flash Player installer has been downloaded.

The Flash Player installer should prompt you to begin installation after the download is complete.

If it doesn’t, you can start the installer directly from your Downloads folder. The ADM installer uses the SHA256 certificate, which may not be compatible with a computer that is running Windows Vista SP2 or Windows Server 2008 SP2.

If you receive a message that tells you that Flash Player is out of date or a new version of Flash Player is available, you can verify this by visiting the Flash Player Help page with your browser.

Simply click the "Check Now" button and you'll be presented with a short message and detailed information regarding your Flash Player installation.

For Internet Explorer, see Enable Flash Player for Internet Explorer.

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In that case, close all open applications and try again.

For those regularly scheduled major update releases, you will be presented with an update notification dialog If you decide not to update, you will receive an automatic update within 45 days if you have the "Allow Adobe to install updates" option selected.

Please note that when this update occurs, only Flash Player will be installed.

If you encounter installation problems, we recommend you review our Windows and Mac OS installation help documents.

Further questions and information can be found on the Flash Player installation forums.

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