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that the service of the church can make womhip more prominent and some way get US. C.b..hllu*rhclhngat Hotht_o H_Nf.2.a.9.z._.a..r.e..n. T.e.r...o..o_.._.u.r.b..a A..t_.l.n•..,t.l.o_..n.'.m. - $entlmentallg, n 'shoutd never overstep the hounds of Bropristy. II104 THE PREACHER' S MAGAZINE TIl E PREACHER' S MAGAZINE 19_; prayer of every form and kind and worship and personal "drawing nigh" is the real object of .' - the services of tile churcb? a _ bath, agquired the title' of the Puritan Sah-" A. Hil L, of Pasadena College, and Dr.preacher becomes a successful money raiser it is easy for him to make a sort of hobby ol that.

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The fourth corn- Origen Is sometimes quoted as having used the An ifiustratton which compliments the speaker or raakes his part seem ton important is a crime mandment is qm)ted as /mthority for keeping terra., "Christian Sabbath," hut Hessey shows against good taste, An Illustration which is soshocklng that it overshadows the truth intended Sunday sacredly, and the shocked expression from that he had.The ser_,lces must he directed and Don't hug your money too tigl_t, it might sting . the title "early in the morning the first of the sabbaths,"contemphted the nomination of a pastor for the ensuing year.Our reply was, "Trust God to of Sabbath has clung to the Lord's day ever since,, came Mary Magdalene and the other and because of their advocacy of the and the sepulcher, and found it empty, [or the Lord their peculiar observance of the day it is so in- had risen Irom the dead, the Jewish Sabbath'had and the preacher who,is located by the rightful use of the means in vogue in the church of "_ habitufi.l in Christian forms of speech, and oh- lip support of.spiritual conquest and he must keep'foreign missions, education, etc., .Testament, the Hebrew word Shabua, translated the twelfth century, but the Jewsh Sabbath withbefore them at all times.

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