Shin ha kyun choi jung won dating

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I was expecting the twins to somewhat meet and i thought i will be seeing the whole band members to perform at the end with the real go mi nam. Still listen to all till today PS : YAB was door to my eelshood! I have just finished watching this drama for the 4th time but still everything seem so new, love,love,love ................................. I can't believe that's the end of Jang geuk suk and Park shin hye on screen This is the first Korean drama I've ever watched. wnt mind watching for the 5th tym and lee Hong ki cute cute cute I don't want to say this is the best kdrama ever but what can i do. An extremely funny actress(park shin hye), her face alone makes me laugh. The plot is kinda common and the acting was not the best but for some reason it still has a place in my heart. I loved this Drama Comedy so much that I am going to make an effort to learn Korean so I don't have to watch it with the English subtitles. I love the antics of Jeremy in the movie, the naiveness of Go Mi Nam and the love of Kang Shin Woo. I have recommended the movie to all my sisters who are also fans of KDrama.

Meanwhile Yu Hee-Yi starts to develops feelings for Hwang Tae-Kyeong ... i hope you can read this message this is for you. Jeong Yong-Hwa i love you i'm going crazy i can tell that i'm a solid fan of A. I wish that they can have concert here in the Phil.

It is the best for me and will look forward to watch it again in the future. But I think Boys over Flower is better than You're Beautiful. Gomina she is the best always saying sooory and thank leader of coz he is the best way he cares about gomina its unique but romantic. songs specially the "what should i do" hoooooooooh its really nice all i can say is just if you watch this movie it'll make you crazy...`re maybe crazy or just out of your mind................ In one hand JANG-GEUN-SUK kills with his cuteness n in the other hand LEE MIN HOO is enough to make my heart beat stop. U are also too much liked by my frns in my college.........

I just love watching Park Shin Hye's different facial expression and that just makes me so happy. She is one reason that I love You Are Beautiful so much. And also I like Lee Hong Ki, he's so cute and funny. JEREMY i thought he was to eat gomina alive coz he is a girl but he is very funny. I'm 30 and a mother of two, not into idol thing, but after watching this Korean Drama "You're Beautiful", I fell in love with JGS, think my husband is getting jealous LOL "You're Beautiful" has now become my favourite after the Japanese Drama "Long Vacation" years ago... THE THREE MAGICAL WORDS FROM MY HEART:- I LOVE YOU Jang-Geun-Suk in your language (sarangheyo).......................................................... I think the Korean people are simple-minded.because it was very very clear that she is a girl. Jell in this kdrama will continue not only in this drama but in real life, i wish this band is for real . Jang Geun Suk's and Park Shin Hye's voice is very "soothing".

Still hoping to see new drama of jang keun suk and park shin hye together. i felt sorry for Jeremy and shin woo some points are really heart aching, but the stars are shining brightly and I really enjoyed this. N JELL...i love you so much..i really like it..korean much.the no1 fan of A. Jang Geun Suk "Tae Kyung" is very gorgeous especially those expressive eyes of his. I love the song he sang in the last episode and I can't wait to get the lyrics and download the MP3.

Adorable couple, shin-hye and geun-suk are really a cute couple. watching this drama for the 8th time now, I cnt get enug of this drama, falling in love with the character more and more, specially Jeremy, he is like super super cute and his character is so bright ,funny, sweet and cute like himself. Really hope there will be Season 2 in the thought process right now. Park Shin-Hye "Mi-Nam" is very pretty and charming.

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