Marathon dating

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But stop sitting around waiting for that to happen.

And dating marathon runners of them also apply to runners — there is no overlap. If you find someone who compliments you and makes you happy, that's wonderful! I'm single and I've never had more fun in my whole entire life! You know what that means, women all around the country are laying on couches with a bottle of wine, feeling sorry for themselves, while they field calls from their family members asking why they're alone or when they're going to "settle down" and get married. Browse single, local runners and meet new friends today!

That meant our time together was limited to Saturday mornings, if we were lucky.

And going to the gym was the lowest priority on his to-do list.

During those long runs, we got to know each other on a deeper level than we would have over a meal—or even a glass of wine. Dupi and I learned quickly that we had to show up not just for ourselves, but for each other. There were plenty of times that both Dupi and I wanted to quit.

We asked each other everything from, “What was your childhood like? We pushed each other through injuries and heat waves.

But a well-known trick for making sure your pace is steady and manageable is actually talking while you run.

So, unbeknownst to him, I signed us both up for the New York City Marathon that fall. Over the five months that we spent training for the marathon, we learned so many important lessons—lessons all couples should learn together.

From pushing through the painful moments to celebrating the rewarding ones, Dupi and I built a strong foundation for our relationship by challenging each other to be better.

My boyfriend, Dupi, and I started dating when we were both fresh out of college.

At the time he was regularly racking up 100-hour work weeks.

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