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Salvarsan is an arsenic-based drug (and mishandling of the injection could and did result in arsenic poisoning on occasion). Despite the risks, there was no denying the results!Working better and faster than mercury, lesions disappeared in days.Alternative sources for searching city, town and regional names are the Jewish Gen Discussion Group archives and the separate SIG Discussion Group archives.

Some physicians denounced 606, resulting in the “Salvarsan Wars” where Ehrlich and Hata were vilified.

Many other sources have been cited in messages to the Ger SIG Email Forum.

The Leo Baeck Institute (LBI) Archives and Library holds many of these books and many other unpublished documents. Search for histories of your ancestral German Jewish communities by entering the place names in the search boxes at:

So, terrifying and painful though it may be, for many, the Salvarsan 606 shot was entirely worth it.

Below is an alphabetical list of German states, regions, cities and towns for which books and websites on Jewish life have been identified.

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