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Miss Watson, who has been keen to leave behind her goody-two-shoes image, had undergone a glamorous makeover with towering heels and a revealing flesh-coloured minidress.Borrell has previously wooed the likes of Kirsten Dunst and Camilla al Fayed.In 2002 he went on to form his own band which played house parties, rehearsing at a Hackney warehouse called Unit 13, comprising Carl Dalemo, Christian Smith-Pancorvo (later replaced by Andy Burrows) and Björn Ågren.The band were watching a video recording of themselves playing a gig and misheard the ending refrain 'Its alright, it's alright' from the song "In The City" as 'razor-light, razor-light' which was then chosen as the band name."It was a huge shock to see their little girl coming out of a party with hellraiser Johnny on her arm."He's 10 years older than her and he's admitted to being a drug addict in the past."They're also concerned because his last girlfriend, Kirsten Dunst, ended up in rehab after splitting from him."Just yesterday Emma wrote on her blog: "I only met him [Johnny] and that was all.

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Chris and Jacqueline Watson "went mad" when they saw photos of their 17-year-old daughter partying with the former heroin addict during London Fashion Week last week.Emma used the "we're only friends" line on her concerned parents. But it has been revealed that they told Emma "in no uncertain terms that she's not to see Johnny again".A source said: "They have always kept a strict eye on their daughter and are very protective parents.Emma, has previously dated rising rugby star Tom Ducker, 16.Just days ago he seemed to be bewitched by Harry Potter sidekick Emma Watson.

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