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According to a blog post at In The Fold, Auto CAD scored top marks in a Winter 2015 rating for General-Purpose CAD. , a blog post from April 28, 2015, indicates, "Products competitive to Auto CAD have come and gone over the years.

None appear to have the critical functionality and the supporting infrastructure to cause established Auto CAD users to risk the switch." The post goes on to suggest that 100% DWG compatibility is the most important factor in considering alternative products.

For many situations, the DXF format can still contain all the information in a source DWG file.

See Notes below on relationship between DWG and DXF_ASCII.

Source code for the core Intelli CAD software is available to commercial members of the Intelli CAD Technology Consortium (ITC).

CAD applications that use DWG as the native format include: products based on the Intelli CAD Technology Consortium platform, such as CMS Intellicad; products based on the Open Design Alliance platform Teigha, such as Caddie, Brics CAD, Draft Sight, and Nano CAD; and CADKON .

See Wikipedia's Comparison of Computer-aided Design Editors for information about support for DWG in many other CAD applications.

However, the code used to read and write DWG files is the same for both consortia.

ITC is a member of ODA (see The ITC and the ODA: Complete opensource CAD solution).

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