An error has occurred while validating the configuration settings

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The pool manages how those connections are handed out to be used, and recycles (or destroys) them when they are closed.Both the size of the pool and the number of connections available change based on user-specified properties, the most common of which are shown in the adjacent table.Multiple pool managers are supported, allowing you to define groups of pools from multiple sources, but in most cases a single pool manager is enough.A objects, each of which provides access to a user-specified database source.One of the most expensive database-related tasks is the initial creation of the connection.Once the connection has been made the transaction often takes place very quickly.Copyright © 2001-2016 Giles Winstanley Updated: 21 September 2016Version: 7.0.1 A Java-based database connection pooling utility, supporting time-based idle timeout, statement caching, connection validation, and easy configuration using a pool manager.

an error has occurred while validating the configuration settings-47

With low demand only a few connections are likely to ever be created (sometimes fewer than ), whereas with very high demand you may find the limits of the pooling parameters and have to think about changing them.

For other scenarios, the DBPool JAR file must be in a location where it's accessible by the host application.

For standalone applications this usually means in the CLASSPATH, and for web containers there is usually a specific directory recommended for JAR libraries (for example, when used with Apache Tomcat it can be placed in the Each connection within a pool connects to the same database source using the same authentication.

Perhaps confusingly, Java Platform 8 reports "1.8.x_xx" (showing internal build number, where x varies).

Another quick way is to download this JAR file and launch it at the command-line by typing: after navigating to the download directory (it contains a single Java class just to show a little additional useful information).

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